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The company of the next 10 years must integrate a great deal of risk to keep up with market fluctuations.

Without the transfer of a share of risk to the employee, job creation will be affected and so will the sharing of wealth.

Sharing the wealth generates a "sharing of the risk".

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Wealth and risk sharing
value by rewarding



Wealth sharing: CATM has implemented a profit-sharing policy whereby 20% of profits are redistributed among employees.

Risk sharing: In return, flexibility, adaptability, reactivity and availability are required of employees in relation to the fluctuating demands of customers.

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Compliance with commitments
communicate transparently



CATM solicits the participation of its teams in the reflections on the life of the company and communicates in all transparency the strategic data of its evolution on the market.
In return, staff are committed to providing input, meeting production goals and fulfilling their responsibilities.

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Client : Our priority
Knowing how to adapt permanently to the demand



CATM is committed to responding and adapting to each of its customers' requests by providing personalized service.
CATM teams must be available and responsive in order to keep up with order fluctuations.

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DIVERSITY: our wealth to
promote the principle of non-discrimination



Open-mindedness and the fight against discrimination are essential to CATM. Particular attention is paid to the recruitment of employees to ensure diversity and cultural sharing within the company.

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of learn and progress



CATM wants to give its teams opportunities to develop their potential and their skills. Continuous training allows them to diversify their daily missions.

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Accept the movement



CATM provides its teams with the means to travel.
Employees must be open to mobility in order to meet customer needs while demonstrating autonomy.